Throughout the world, long-liner vessels struggle with several issues that hamper efficient fishing in terms of optimal energy and resource use. To solve these challenges Pesquera Azul is undertaking a pilot project to implement new Norwegian longline technology in our new vessel FV Ocean Azul.

FV Ocean Azul is the first vessel in the world to deploy a game-changing concept for setting and hauling lines developed by Sago Solutions AS (SAGOS). Using their patented solutions “Sago-Extreme” and the extension module “Sago-Pool”, we believe this project has the potential to deliver significant socio-economic value in the form of improved utilization of resources, less use of energy, a better working environment for our crew members, a reduced environmental footprint and further collaboration on new products and technology that can benefit fisheries internationally.

The Ghost Gear Cleaner

Lost fishing gear, also known as “ghost gear”, is a major challenge for the international long-liner fleet but one that often goes under the radar. To counter the environmental threat related to lost gear, we have installed what we call our «Ghost Gear Cleaner» system onboard FV Ocean Azul. The system will be the first of its kind ever installed on a long liner to remove lost gear and return it to shore in large collection bags and containers. Our goal is to collect more lost gear than we lose ourselves, helping to reclaim fishing grounds and reduce the impact of our activity on the marine ecosystem.

Through a strong focus on our environmental footprint, we sincerely hope to make longline fisheries more sustainable in the long term.